Editor’s Note: Several readers expressed disappointment that in the issue preceding the Nov. 6 midterm elections, NJJN included an op-ed by Rep. Leonard Lance and another by Joel Weingarten critical of Lance’s Dist. 7 opponent, Tom Malinowski. NJJN welcomed submissions from all congressional candidates, regardless of political affiliations. Malinowski submitted an op-ed that was published in August, and in October NJJN published a letter by 17 local leaders endorsing his candidacy. As in those pieces, the Lance and Weingarten op-eds were published as soon as possible after they were submitted.

I am disappointed that the week before the midterm elections NJJN published a full-page, self-penned “Why I love Israel” paean by Leonard Lance and, on the following page, a scathing full-page op-ed by a single-issue Republican politician blasting Tom Malinowski.

I will proudly vote for Tom Malinowski despite the histrionics by Joel Weingarten and his fellow party members.

Jeffrey Beckerman
Short Hills

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