Derech eretz in politics

Derech eretz in politics

I attended the Dist. 7 Candidates Forum (“Israel, gun control, and more on the ballot,” Oct. 11).

Audience members were asked to practice derech eretz, ethical and responsible behavior, especially in light of current political dissension.

Tom Malinowski spoke first and he was accorded respect due in large measure, I think, to the political leanings of the majority of the audience.

Rep. Leonard Lance made his introductory remarks and referenced the fact that he has lived in the district with his family for years, unlike his opponent who moved into the area last year. Boos and hisses were heard throughout the room, prompting the forum organizers to restate the need for derech eretz.

Sadly, what happened Oct. 8 is indicative of what is happening across our great country. Far too often, as it relates to politics, we see an absence of respect for differences of opinions.

We can all do better.  For the sake of our democracy, we must do better.

Ferne Hassan

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