Denying reality

Denying reality

President Obama spoke to Israeli college students eloquently and enthusiastically about the real possibility of peace with the Arabs on the basis of two states for two people. However, the fact that Obama made no reference to Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza shows that he and Americans in general are living in a dream world with no connection with real historical events. Israel’s goal in  withdrawing from Gaza was to bring peace. The reality is that it brought rockets, danger, and possibly war.

The fact that no Israeli leader criticized Obama for ignoring the lessons from Gaza shows that Jews have not learned the lessons from the past. The false concept of two states for two peoples did not work in 1947 nor did it work with Sharon’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2006. Anyone who suggests that today Israel can give up land for peace is a person who denies reality, and so is irrational.

Dr. Sanford Aranoff
Monroe Township

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