Dems need better candidates

Dems need better candidates

To my liberal friends at NJJN who are still moaning and groaning at the election results from November, I say, “Get over it!” We’ve had to suck it up with President Obama for the past eight years. Stop whining about the Electoral College.

For those who believe President-elect Trump is racist and against all Muslims, this is the furthest thing from the truth. He just doesn’t want our southern borders to be an open house for illegals flooding into our country. Haven’t we already had enough terrorist murders in places like San Bernardino and Orlando? I agree with our president-elect, I am all for keeping our country safe and knowing who is entering the United States. 

The Democrats chose the worst possible candidate to run for president. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt and dishonest person ever to seek the office from a major political party. If that party wants to be more competitive in future presidential elections, the Democrats should be more selective in the candidates they choose to run for the office.

Warren Goldfein
Mount Arlington

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