Defeating terrorism

Defeating terrorism

Israeli activist Tehila Nachalon was quoted in your Nov. 5 issue as criticizing the Israeli government’s latest anti-terror security measures in Jerusalem. (“Promoting coexistence in a tense Jerusalem,” Nov. 5) According to Ms. Nachalon, “The key to defeating terrorism is living daily life and moving on.”

No, the key to defeating terrorism is to wage war against the terrorists, including the various security measures that the Israeli government has been imposing. We salute the determination of Israelis who continue to live their daily lives in the face of Palestinian violence, but we dare not lose sight of the fact that it is the bravery of Israel’s soldiers and police that will stop the terrorists. American Jews  can do their part by pressing the Obama administration to stop demanding more Israeli concessions to the Palestinians. The United States should be supporting Israel’s war on terror, which is an  inseparable part of the Free World’s fight against terror everywhere.

Benyamin Korn
chair, Philadelphia Religious Zionists
Philadelphia, PA

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