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Dayenu! Let’s apply our Pesach paean to Mr. Trump’s qualifications for the presidency. This time not a paean but a list of disqualifiers. Dayenu, enough! Any one item on this list should have disqualified him.

Had he only denied our president’s American birth, Dayenu!

Had he only called Mexicans rapists and criminals, Dayenu!

Had he only mocked a handicapped person, Dayenu!

Had he only denigrated Muslims, Dayenu!

Had he only denigrated Gold Star parents, Dayenu!

Had he only disparaged our NATO allies, Dayenu!

Had he only denigrated women (calling them fat pigs, giving them a one to 10 rating, boasting he could violate them because he is a “star”), Dayenu!

Had he only praised the dictatorial president of Russia, Dayenu!

Had he only threatened freedom of the press, Dayenu!

Had he only said an American judge was unqualified because of his Mexican heritage, Dayenu!

Had he only suggested that gun rights advocates take the law into their own hands, Dayenu!

Had he only claimed the election was “rigged,” undermining our electoral process and our democracy without a shred of evidence, Dayenu!

For all the above and more, Dayenu — it would have sufficed to disqualify him. Any one of them is a disqualifier. Dayenu — Enough!

Irving Barocas
Cedar Grove 

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