Daniel Caspi

Daniel Caspi

Daniel Caspi, 80, of Cedar Grove died June 29, 2019. Born during the British Mandate of Palestine, as a child he joined the Israeli Sea Scouts, where he assisted Jewish refugees and Holocaust survivors find safety by helping them sneak into Israel before and during the War of Independence. He then lived in Magdiel, a boarding school for orphaned child survivors of the Holocaust, while his mother and stepfather established roots in the United States. At the age of 13, he immigrated to the United States and settled in Worcester, Mass., with his parents.

Dr. Caspi attended Clark University and then Hofstra University, ultimately pursuing a career in social work. After college he obtained an M.S.W. from Washington University. During his early career, he was director of community relations for the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, where he worked in assisting the local Jewish community and Israel and with civil rights leaders and labor rights organizers.

In 1969 he moved to Montclair to pursue his doctorate in social work while also starting a private clinical practice. For 40 years, he worked 60-hour weeks as a psychotherapist. After retiring, he continued to work as a business consultant to Johnstone Supply.

Involved in sports his whole life, he was an avid tennis player at 79 years old and an Alpine and Telemark skier who, at the age of 77, skied double black diamonds with his grandson. He also enjoyed martial arts, studying Krav Maga in his 70s. He enjoyed playing the harmonica as well as guitar and piano, and pursued photography. He also enjoyed sailing, hiking, and experiencing nature and donated to charitable causes.

He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Barbara; two sons, Jonathan (Jennifer Goeke) and David; and five grandchildren.

A memorial was held July 11 at The Commonwealth Club in Upper Montclair; arrangements were handled by J.L. Apter Memorial Chapels of Cedar Grove. Memorial contributions may be made to Lustgarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer research.

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