Damage of the Trump administration

Damage of the Trump administration

Wait until supporters of Pres. Donald Trump wake up to the fact that they’ve been had. Thanks to Russia flipping our election, we are left to face the consequences of global warming and a disastrous health-care bill leaving many Americans, especially low-income families and people with pre-existing conditions, facing dire health consequences.

We are being governed by a president and Congress whose main goal is to support millionaires, Wall Street, and wealthy corporations.

We are being ruled by a president who is incapable of making any logical decision that does not directly benefit him. Shameful is too benign a word to describe what a disaster Trump and his Republican party is causing for our once proud country.

I place much of the blame for this situation on the 43 percent of eligible voters who didn’t even bother to vote in the election. They have not learned the important lessons of life and politics: that our choices are sometimes not between good or bad, but are the best ones given the circumstances.

Even though Trump’s electoral vote win trumped his loss of almost three million popular Hillary Clinton votes, it swept in a Republican House and Senate, causing great harm to most Americans, a disaster which history will confirm in years to come.

Selma Prager

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