Critical of protester

Critical of protester

I read with interest “NJ residents join National Day of Jewish Action for Refugees” (Feb. 16), but was dismayed to see the accompanying photo of Peter Gelb. In October 2014, I was appalled that the Metropolitan Opera was staging the production of “The Death of Klinghoffer.” The opera glorifies the Palestinian terrorists who hijacked a tourist ship. They murdered an elderly Jewish man, Leon Klinghoffer, who was confined to a wheelchair, and tossed his body overboard. In the opera, the Jewish victim is portrayed as a buffoon while the Palestinian terrorists are portrayed as sympathetic victims who are justified in their actions. 

Peter Gelb is the general manager of the Opera House and it was his decision to allow this anti-Semitic opera to be performed. By featuring Gelb as representative of last Sunday’s protesters, your readers may become skeptical of the motives of those who protested for authentic reasons. I pray that one day Gelb, who portrays himself as sympathetic to refugees, will one day be sympathetic to Jewish and all victims of terror.

Gail Bukiet
West Orange

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