Course to explore fairness in criminal justice system

Course to explore fairness in criminal justice system

CRIME AND CONSEQUENCE, a Rohr Jewish Learning Institute course exploring 3,000 years of Jewish perspective on conviction, sentencing, and criminal rehabilitation, will be offered by Rabbi Yaakov Chaiton of Chabad of Robbinsville & S. Hamilton.

Chabad of Greater Mercer County will present the six-session course in two locations — beginning Tuesday, Feb. 5, in Robbinsville and Wednesday, Feb. 6, in Princeton — under the auspices of Rabbi Dovid Dubov, who has been overseeing Chabad activities in Mercer County for over 25 years.

Participants will delve into the implications of ancient talmudic wisdom for complex modern cases and injustices facing our criminal justice system today. They will consider such fundamental questions as: What is the goal of criminal punishment, to gain retribution for the victim or rehabilitate the criminal and reintroduce him into society? Is life-without-parole a justifiable penalty? May we sentence a person to death?

The course, said Chaiton, “is for people who care deeply about humanity and are fascinated by real-life catch-22 scenarios”; it will “uncover the humanity within all people — including criminals.”

Crime and Consequence is accredited in New Jersey for attorneys and other law professionals to earn continuing education credits. All JLI courses are open to the public; attendees need not have any prior affiliation or knowledge.

To register, call 609-213-4136 or visit

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