Countering global anti-Semitism

Countering global anti-Semitism

As American Jews, we are fortunate to live in a country where the Jewish community feels free from the threat of anti-Semitism. According to the ADL, in the last decade the number and intensity of anti-Semitic acts in the United States has declined. We cannot take this for granted, however, and must remain diligent in combatting anti-Semitism wherever and whenever it arises. 

Points in a strategy for working on major global issues — Iran’s nuclear threat, the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement — include: 

• Ensure the safety of our community.

• Actively participate in our democratic structure with diverse community members to build strong coalitions against hate and intolerance.

• Respond to action alerts from congressional and state legislators.

• Educate others using social media.

• Connect to Jewish communities in France.

Safety of our Jewish institutions is a top legislative priority of the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ in strongly advocating for nonprofit security grants and assisting agencies and synagogues apply for this funding. The federation also supports the Secure Community Network to ensure the receipt of alerts on potential threats and to take action. 

Engage your congressional and state legislators and monitor legislative efforts against ISIS and the growing violence and Islamic radicalization around the world. The federation is working with synagogues and local Jewish institutions to get action infrastructures in place. The NJ State Association of Jewish Federations is advocating to pass resolutions against anti-Semitism that are moving through the NJ Assembly and Senate. Add your name to the federation’s Community Relations Committee’s alerts list and respond to action requests. 

Strengthen your interfaith work with local faith and ethnic organizations and in schools, and get to know diverse communities in your area. Collectively speak out against hate and intolerance whether it is focused on Jews or other communities.  

We must continue to model peace and take advantage of our freedom to live in a country where Jews are welcome. 

The federation has opened a mailbox to raise funds to help the Jewish community in France; information can be found at

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