Common-sense commentary

Common-sense commentary

I will miss Jared Silverman’s op-eds. 

I represent a minority as a Jewish, female Conservative though I prefer Silverman’s self-description, conservatarian. I also identify with Ayn Rand’s description, objectivist. I have enjoyed Silverman’s columns as a voice of reason versus the many columns representing the progressive side of the issues. Does NJJN tamp down any and all non-progressive voices?   

I found myself in consistent alignment with Silverman’s commentary as I find it difficult to understand the perspective of most Jewish opinion writers who advocate the progressive agenda, which is consistently anti-Israel, pro-identity politics, pro-Iran, pro-Palestinian, and anti-capitalist. 

I wonder how many people Silverman was able to reach with his common-sense commentary on timely issues. I hope you will reconsider and invite him to return to NJJN. 

Regarding Silverman’s “Fears for the next generation” (Oct. 5), I also fear for Israel’s future because of the apathy, and even hidden hostility, our fellow American Jews demonstrate toward our homeland. In my opinion, the reason Jews today are less interested in Israel is that many on the left only advocate for the victim or underdog, whereas Israel is a proud winner. Being an underdog does not guarantee goodness. Unfortunately, I believe the progressive agenda goes hand in hand with anti-Semitism and the anti-Israel attitude.

Chemda Mindy S. Kipness

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