Combating lies

Combating lies

At a time when one million people in Israel are targeted for hundreds of aerial attacks launched by the Gaza regime, a new Israel Advocacy Task Force has been spawned.

The Israel Advocacy Task Force will address issues that Israel has to cope with on a daily basis.

Let’s begin with Arab education. Contrary to the widely publicized notion that the Palestinian Authority and United Nations Relief and Works Agency intended to incorporate Holocaust education in their schools, there has never been a plan for a Holocaust curriculum in any UNRWA or Palestinian Authority school. In all PA schools, students learn from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s doctoral thesis, which he wrote 28 years ago at Moscow University, titled “The Other Side: The Secret Relations between Nazism and the Leadership of the Zionist Movement.”

The time has come to ask that everyone who funds the Palestinian Authority educational system — beginning with the U.S. Congress — condition money to the PA on the immediate cancellation of their “Holocaust curriculum.”

When the new session of Congress meets in January, the Israel Advocacy Task Force, in tandem with the Center for Near East Policy Research in Jerusalem, will escort experts on the Palestinian  Authority and UNRWA education to make presentations for staffers of the Middle East Subcommittee of the U.S. House Foreign Relations committee. The Center for Near East Policy Research ( is directed by investigative journalist and community organizer David Bedein.

To that end, The Israel Advocacy Task Force is seeking sponsors to cover the cost to hire and escort the experts.

The time has come to contact people of influence to demand that the PA and UNRWA cease and desist from the greatest lie perpetrated against the survivors of the Nazi horrors.

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg


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