Coddling Iran

Coddling Iran

Whatta surprise. Iran is asking for an extension of the nuclear deal, and whatta surprise, they are going to get it. Now both sides are going to pussyfoot around until Iran gets the bomb. By all accounts, they are close.

What prompted our esteemed leader to call off the heavy sanctions that brought Iran to its knees and put on its false face of cordiality and negotiation?

What a surprise it will be when members of the EU (ever greedy, ever amoral) and others refuse to go back into the stable. Obama opened the door and they have smelled the smell of money, the huge profits that trade with Iran would bring.

Whatever was he thinking when he pulled U.S. appropriations from Egypt after the Egyptian army overthrew Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood? The money has since been restored, but only after a very belated second thought.

Whatever happened to “I’ve got Israel’s back?” Oh right, that was during an election year. Whatta leader. Whatta deal maker. Whatta president!

And what an epic disaster if Iran gets the bomb. May God help our brethren in Israel and keep them safe. They are the ones on the front line.

S. Scheininger

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