Check primary sources

Check primary sources

A simple Google search for “HIAS Amicus” would have swiftly led Jared Silverman (“What makes an issue a Jewish issue?,” June 29) away from his nonsensical claims about “intersectionality,” “contemporary leftish beliefs,” and “forced artificial coalitions” to the crisp, easy-to-read essay by HIAS, which categorizes President Trump’s failure to uphold and apply the Immigration and Nationality Act. 

By not reading the original brief, Silverman missed HIAS’ explanation that “although most of the refugees HIAS serves today are not Jewish, HIAS assists them as an expression of Jewish values like tikkun olam (that is, acts of kindness performed to perfect or repair the world) and welcoming and protecting the stranger.” 

While Silverman is entitled to claim that such concerns “divert” Jewish organization from protecting the interests of the Jewish community, the least he could do is read the six footnotes in the 13-page brief that describes the damage caused by the administration’s willful ignorance of congressional and judicial precedent. 

Perhaps he’ll devote his next column to examining why he so fears refugees and immigrants.

John S. Schechter
South Orange

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