Celebration invitation

Celebration invitation

It is with pride in our heritage and pleasure in reaching this significant milestone that Tifereth Israel Congregation, New Bedford, Mass., plans to celebrate its 90th anniversary this November. We would like all the Tifereth Israel family to join us.

We know that over the years our family has scattered across the country and beyond. But, like all family reunions, this will be “the more the merrier.” If you were ever a member or are the descendant of a member, we’d like to invite you to join in the festivities. Please contact us at 508-997-3171 or mgoodman@tinewbedford.org, by visiting www.tinewbedford.org, or on Facebook to let us know how to reach you.

With the blessing of our years being five times chai, we hope to commemorate this momentous occasion together. Help us share fond memories, reminiscences, and hopes for the future. L’hitra’ot!

Milton Goodman
Executive director
Tifereth Israel Congregation
New Bedford, Mass.

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