Celebrating Passover

Celebrating Passover

From all of us here at NJJN, we wish you a Happy Passover.

Is there a shortcut to redemption?
Pesach, the Hebrew name for Passover, means to skip over, to pass over. It appears first in the context of the ten plagues, in which God skipped over the homes of the Israelites while the rest of Egypt suffered. On a deeper, more fundamental level, the Passover festival is based on this idea of passing or skipping over the regular order of things.

Why these apps are different from all other apps
Passover is upon us and, as with all things Jewish, preparation is a key part of observing the festival. If you use an iOS or Android tablet or phone, your mobile device can help you get ready to mark the retelling of our people’s seminal tale.

Life and death issues around the seder table
The seder plate is filled with symbols that in themselves and combined with others offer us many metaphors for the mixture of bitter and sweet in our lives.


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