Bug off, liberals

Bug off, liberals

Regarding Gary Rosenblatt’s “Three weddings and a scuffle” (Nov. 23), when Reform rabbis walked to the Western Wall, the rabbis got what they wanted. Headlines. They were demanding egalitarian prayer at the main plaza of the Kotel, women and men praying together at the Wall. They know full well that this is anathema to the Jewish state. 

What sudden spurt of spurious religious fervor seized these women that they must, after 70 years of statehood, pray together with men? The answer is politics, politics, and more politics. Forget religious fervor.

Jewish-American liberals should keep their paws off Israel. Israel is not yours. 

You may have opinions but you don’t have to worry that some Palestinian will slit your throat while you’re walking to work. You and your kids don’t have to put on gas masks when sirens shriek due to chemical weapons let loose in Syria. You don’t live under constant threat of extinction from Iran. So take your good fortune, back off, and stop harassing Israel!

You are talking about imposing your will on a nation that has made it through all sorts of incredible hardships to become successful. Respect her.

When Israelis want reform, they will do it their way in their time — not yours. Until then, bug off. Visit Israel, buy bonds, and find yourselves some other olam to tikkun. 

S. Scheininger


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