‘Bodies’ at Science Center

‘Bodies’ at Science Center

Liberty Science Center has long been a favorite place for Jewish families seeking wholesome and fun science learning activities. The large numbers
of guests we see here, especially at Passover and Sukkot, attest to the trust your readers have in us.

We want your readers to know that from June to January we will be hosting an exhibition that may be of religious concern. “Bodies Revealed” features real human forms, organs, and skeletons preserved for display and educational purposes. These are the same kind used in medical schools.

The show will be enclosed in a separate gallery on the fourth floor, but our Jewish visitors should know there will be human remains in the building before they plan a visit during this time period.

We are announcing this now to offer complete transparency to the Jewish community, and recommend that those with concerns consult with their rabbi. We welcome any questions or comments from the community.

Elizabeth Romanaux
Liberty Science Center

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