Blessed work

Blessed work

We just returned to Israel after a wonderful visit to the MetroWest community, tired but happy. Thank you so much for the warm hospitality. Now that we have completed our visit, United Jewish Communities of MetroWest NJ in Whippany is not just a place, but a headquarters for the Jewish heart and soul, where Israeli and American flags fly together.

We got to see our three favorite young MetroWest emissaries — Gal Dafadi, Michal Kfir, and our son, Amitai — along with executive shliha Noga Maliniak and youth shliha Daphna Yizrael in action. We met a wonderful community that is actively involved and concerned with what goes on in Israel. We were also lucky enough to visit the schools that Amitai is active in, and we were overjoyed when the kids in the classes yelled his name when he walked into the room. Quite a few times we even received thanks for deferring his military service so he could be part of this amazing community. Even as he came here, to give so much of himself, his heart, and love, he has received just as much.

Amitai’s host family, the Golds, have become an integral part of our family. We will always welcome them into our home as family, just as they have done for him.

The day we left, the shlihim waved goodbye and prepared to continue their blessed work. Amitai left us, knowing he is surrounded by a real family in MetroWest.

Unfortunately, we returned to Israel at the same time as the fire in the Carmel and we heard about the loss of life of young men and women. This tragedy has been felt across Israel.

We wish you all luck and continued success with your mission, and we look forward to seeing you in Israel.

Joyce and Meir Edri
Rishon Letzion, Israel

The writers are the parents of Amitai Edri, one of the “rishonim,” young shlihim, or emissaries, to the MetroWest community.

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