Blasphemy in print

Blasphemy in print

I was stunned to see a quote blaspheming God’s name on the cover of NJJN, “‘You are too polite’: Activist Anat Hoffman demands Diaspora Jews speak out on pluralism, discrimination” (May 11). That Anat Hoffman — an angry, self-indulgent, non-believing  Jew — would blaspheme God’s name in her statement, saying that diaspora Jews also “have a [g–]damned duty to sit at the table and say pluralism, tolerance, equality” is not surprising. However, printing this in your paper and then mailing it to thousands of homes is surprising. 

Hoffman claims she is “saving Israel from itself”; however, did she ever ask Israelis if they need to be saved or if they want her to be the one to save them? This article demonstrates both your disregard for Torah values and your disregard for your fellow Jews who still seek those values. It seems that your goal is to espouse all thoughts and utterances of all Jews without critical analysis. This has led to the banality that is NJJN. 

Robert Dorsky
Basking Ridge


Anat Hoffman misses the big picture of Judaism. Liberalism hurts the Jewish population.

The Orthodox Jews keep us going. They get married and have kids. And kids.

I see too many liberal women, in general, who have decided that marriage and children are not for them. They become careerists, go-getters, and “activists.”

Liberalism has turned the civil rights movement into a religion. Subsequently, they see the world of 2017 as upside-down. They castigate Pres. Donald Trump, who’s determined to stop Iran and Islamic terror. They praise Pres. Obama, who has enabled these maniacs.

Our Congress makes my point. Devout Christians — like Sen. Ted Cruz — fight anti-Semitism to no ends. Jewish liberals — like Sen. Chuck Schumer — will fight for anyone else.

The vast majority of journalists in general are liberals. They work for media outlets such as NJJN. The staff at Pravda also thought they were helping the working man.

Open minded? Most liberal Jews tell thinkers like me to “Shut up!”

Adam Sternglass

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