Ball’s in Palestinian’s court

Ball’s in Palestinian’s court

NJJN’s editorial “Mideast peace obstacle: no ‘Bahrain-er’” (May 28)acknowledges that a commitment to major funding for the Palestinians (part of the Trump administration’s peace plan to be presented at the upcoming Bahrain conference) may be persuasive at some point in achieving progress on the peace front, “But not, it seems, without some political skin in the game from Jerusalem.”

What exactly is the nature and extent of the “political skin?” Shame on NJJN for implying Israel is the obstacle to peace when history has shown it is Palestinian intransigence — then, and now — that remains the biggest obstacle. Three times over the past 20 years Israel has offered the Palestinians their own state in a land-for-peace deal. All offers have been rejected out of hand.

Pres. Donald Trump’s attempt to try a “bold new approach” should be met with support and not with the derision and doubt that is the essence of NJJN’s editorial. It is long overdue for the Palestinian leadership to step up to the plate and prove they are at least willing to negotiate. But even that seems to be a bridge too far for them as they have rejected even attending the Bahrain conference. The ball is in their court. Will their leadership have the courage and foresight to step forward or will they remain true to their history to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity?

Michael Silver
Fresh Meadows, N.Y.

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