Avoiding the obvious

Avoiding the obvious

The entire op-ed written by Gideon Aranoff and Dan Fleshler in the March 12 edition reeks of weakness and pusillanimity (“America prefers a cold peace to a hot war”). A summary of their arguments is that we should just give Iran what it wants because they won’t give us what we need. In detail, they maintain that it is foolish to try to negotiate a zero enrichment agreement with Iran because they would never accept it. But later they say that the United States should include “very intrusive inspections” in its demands on Iran, as if that was something that they could accept. Iran won’t accept the
former demand, and they certainly won’t accept the latter demand either. I constantly wonder how people can avoid seeing the obvious.

Why does America have to accept the inevitability of an Iranian bomb? I understand that the current president and his acolytes believe the United States should lead the world from behind, but when we actually find ourselves behind, we will find that no one cares what we think.

Sheldon Waxman

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