Authentic expression

Authentic expression

Congratulations to Sue Fishkoff for her piece on the struggle by millions of contemporary Jews (including many in MetroWest) to find an authentic expression of their identity in supportive communities of belief. (“Jewish atheists look for their place in Jewish life,” June 9)

Your readers were not informed, though, that Humanistic Judaism is alive and well in the MetroWest area. For over a decade a diverse community of atheists, “doubters,” and others with a modern outlook have participated in our community where they have found their highest personal ideals and their Jewish identity embraced and celebrated through ritual, education, and community life. In Humanistic Judaism, we say what we mean and mean what we say, with power that is both transcendent and transformative.

Rob Agree

The writer is ceremonial leader of the Congregation for Humanistic Judaism of Morris County.

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