Attack on Judaism

Attack on Judaism

While the campaign to ban circumcision may seem like a bad joke at first blush, it is far, far more nefarious than it appears (“Battle over circumcision is shaping up in California,” June 2).

At a time when there is a growing movement to isolate and delegitimize the State of Israel, the circumcision ban is an insidious parallel attack on Judaism and individual Jews by attempting to criminalize a practice that has been a central ritual of the faith since the days of Abraham.

According to Matthew Hess, a leader of the anti-circumcision push, the campaign is based purely on altruistic concern for the rights of infant males who, according to Hess and his cohorts, are subjected to a barbaric “genital mutilation” without their consent. Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric.

The true nature and motivation of this movement is clearly revealed by the comic book, Foreskin Man, which is written and produced by Mr. Hess. In it, a blond Aryan “superhero” fights against the evil Monster Mohel who tries, at gunpoint, to force a baby to be circumcised against its mother’s will. Just one look at the way the rabbi is depicted will be enough to leave no doubt. He is drawn with claw-like fingernails, satanic eyes, and a long hook nose. Anyone who has ever seen the worst of the Nazi propaganda portraying Jews as demons will immediately recognize the image.

Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

Steve Maurer

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