At war

At war

Unfortunately, many people still do not believe we are at war with a deadly and intelligent enemy.

When we read the Miranda Rights to the terrorist from Yemen with the bomb in his pants, we did enormous damage to our intelligence service. We lost probably most if not all of the intelligence information we had obtained since the attack on the U.S.S. Cole. In other words most of his contacts, locations, etc. that this suicidal murderer dealt with could have had time to be changed by his handlers in Yemen. Thereby, our intelligence service did not gain information but lost it.

The terrorist assumed that their suicidal agent with the bomb in his pants would be destroyed. When, “by the Grace of God,” he fell into our hands and we did not immediately intensively question him but read him his rights, it allowed time for all the information he carried to be altered by the his handlers, thereby completely nullifying most or all of the intelligence we may have had on Yemen, as well as the other places to which he had traveled. Therefore, our security forces currently probably have no accurate information as to what type of terror may come out of Yemen.

This administration may have done irreparable harm to this country. Under these circumstances our security forces may have taken draconian measures to protect us. This could explain the extensive body searches in the airports.

Let us realize that we are at war with those who wish to murder us and earn a place in heaven, not the common criminals!

Norman Ende, MD
Capt. USNR (ret.)
Mountain Lakes

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