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Purim Spoof

Now Showing In Movie Theaters

Black Landsman Ethiopian Jews are reunited in Israel

Bahamian Rhapsody — Woman falls for a man with no manners

The FavOUrite The OU is voted most popular hashgacha

Greenhorn Book Jewish immigrants are documented at Ellis Island

Aroma The smell of kiddush fills a shul

A Jewish Star Is Born How the Magen David was designed

Weiss Remake of “Vice” without the Jewish accents

At Maternity’s Gate Woman gives birth outside hospital

If Meryl Streep Could TalkActress takes a vow of silence

Cold Warm Jewish couple’s rocky relationship

Ralph Breaks the Pitum Man drops his esrog during Sukkos

Can You Ever Give Me?Shnorrer begs for donations

Never Look, Oy Vey! Jewish newspaper prints women’s pictures

A Quiet Palace Pharaoh’s servants drown in the Red Sea

Mary Poppins’ Return CPA prepares nanny’s taxes

Mary Queen of Scotch Sisterhood president starts kiddush club

Ready Prayer One — Rabbi cues cantor to start services

Soloveitchik: A Star Wars Story — Meir Soloveitchik vies with Arthur Schneier to see who can bring more celebrities to their synagogue

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