Are the D’s Also in Trouble?

Are the D’s Also in Trouble?

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

Looking at the chaos and rumblings going on among the 2016 Republican presidential aspirants, sometimes one forgets to check on the continuing maneuvering going on among the Democrats. While no one would suggest that Hillary—given the current slate of opponents– could conceivably be denied the Democratic nomination, it also follows that her negatives just persist and grow.

Assuming Biden does not throw his hat into the ring before the first presidential debate on October 13, it is going to be a very strange night for the frontrunner. As Clinton squares off against her real opponent Bernie Sanders and her virtually unknown ones Jim Webb, Lincoln Chaffee, and Martin O’Malley, it is quite likely to be a very strange night for CNN and its questioners. The public will get its first look at some of the unknowns and enjoy Sanders’ banter. For Hillary it can only damage her as she will undoubtedly be attacked across the board.

Meanwhile Hillary continues to be plagued by the email contretemps which only got another new spin with the announcement that there was second firm which she had hired to monitor or manage her server and is reportedly delivering a report now to the FBI as to whether she received classified documents even after she left the State Department. While it can be argued that this is entire episode is a tempest in a teapot, it only reinforces the negatives which she continues to receive in many polls.

In addition, this information is coming less than a week before her first debate which falls exactly eight days before the Republicans will begin their feeding fest over her testimony at the Benghazi hearings on October 22. While here too the entire discussion seems grossly and clearly politicized, nevertheless it will not matter to the public which continues not to believe or trust anything she tells them.

This continues to open the door for a Biden entry perhaps on a Sunday talk show next week days before the debate. What is rather curious about a possible Biden entry is that there have now even been rumors that another Vice President—former Vice President Al Gore may be reconsidering his own presidential ambitions; something that makes even less sense than the noise suggesting that Mitt Romney is re-considering making another run for the White House.

So as the Trump balloon begins to be more seriously tested and the Carson outsider campaign rolls on towards an eventual crash, Republicans in general are delighted to prepare to enjoy some entertainment themselves coming from the Democrat side. The funny season is now in full swing as the two parties enjoy each other’s shenanigans. The sad part about this is the stakes in November 2016 could not be higher.                                         

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