Arabs under Israel

Arabs under Israel

A Feb. 25 letter, “History Lesson,” informs us of the inhuman treatment of the author’s mother during the Holocaust, leaving him critical of those Jews who hold prejudicial attitudes towards the Palestinians whose aspirations, he believes, of equal treatment are denied.

The author’s negative view ignores Israel’s acceptance of the 1948 UN Partition Plan that sanctioned two independent states — a Jewish State and a Palestinian Arab State — total withdrawal from Gaza, and the return of Gaza to Palestinian control. Under the current Israeli administration of the West Bank, the Palestinians have their own political leadership that is accepted by Israel and by the world. During the prior Jordanian administration of this territory, the Palestinians had neither autonomy nor the expectation for any control.

As for the Arab condition in Israel, the current Israeli parliament includes a party of elected Israeli Arabs.

Is equal treatment being denied?

Marvin Elmowitz
West Caldwell

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