Anti-Semitic roots of terror

Anti-Semitic roots of terror

Many thanks for Robert Wiener’s “Holocaust scholar attends conference on anti-Semitic roots of terror” (Sept. 28). Barbara Wind, director of the Holocaust Council of Greater MetroWest, summarized some of the contents of the three-day meeting. She is correct to note that only courageous Muslims “can successfully dissuade militant Muslims from becoming terrorists.” Attacks on other Muslims by these terrorists does lead to large numbers of deaths.  

People should know this fact but the genocidal attacks on minorities of other religions should be stressed as well. It seems from Tony Blair’s quote that this point may have received attention as well, “Religion should not be politicized, and when it becomes totalitarian ideology, it becomes a danger because it excludes other Muslims.” 

The proceedings of the conference are awaited eagerly.

Lawrence Frizzell
Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies
Seton Hall University

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