Anti-Pollard, anti-Semitic

Anti-Pollard, anti-Semitic

In his letter in the issue of Dec. 9, Jeffry A. Bronster disagreed with previous writers who suggested that opposing Jonathan Pollard’s release is anti-Semitic. “Lost in the rhetoric,” he wrote, “is the fact that many who oppose his release are…Jewish [and] Zionists as well.”

It is not “lost,” it is merely ironic. Just because you’re Jewish and/or Zionist doesn’t mean you are not wrong about this subject.

Simply stated, non-Jews convicted of the same crime as this Jew were given much less time. Only one man was given life without parole: Pollard! Are you old enough to remember who was given the death sentence handed down to the Rosenbergs? Now tell me again how this isn’t anti-Semitism.

A. Hirsh
West Orange

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