Ann Coulter Unmasked

Ann Coulter Unmasked

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

The ugly anti-Semitic tweet from Ann Coulter, the conservative columnist and news personality, does not deserve to be dignified with a response on its face. It does, however, suggest that the Jewish community needs to be much more careful about whom it assumes to be its friends. Ann Coulter likely was articulating what millions of people actually believe; in the same way that Donald Trump’s racist remarks about Hispanic immigrants, is what millions of Americans have been saying over their dinner tables for years. 

It was not only what Coulter said that was repugnant but the obvious disdain and grotesque manner in which she casually bashed Jews. In truth, what Coulter said about the Republican candidates pandering for Jewish votes and especially for financial support from Jews was obvious to anyone who watched the debate. There generally never was a genuine track record of deep seated Republican support for Jewish issues and Israel—with some specific exceptions. Now, with the increasing hostility of Jews for Obama, his politics, and their perceived view of his feeling for Israel—especially after the Iran deal–, some Jews want to see a Republican candidate nominated whom they believe can win. Sensing this, all of the Republican candidates are groveling for Jewish financial support beginning with but not limited to Sheldon Adelson.

What some in the Jewish community who are either newly found Republicans or wealthy Jewish donors ought to recognize is what the Ann Coulter’s of this world really think about Jews. She expressed precisely what many of her ilk believe about Jews. This was no “out of context”, “on the spur of the moment”, or “misspeak” here. This is a very articulate woman who can be razor sharp and glib with her comments. She spoke her mind. Jews should not let her and her minions off the hook. They also ought to recognize that there might be even more repugnant devils on the other side.  

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