All That is Left Now is…Tomorrow

All That is Left Now is…Tomorrow

Gilbert N. Kahn is a professor of Political Science at Kean University.

Now, America Votes.  The question that remains is who wins and who loses. The problem with that statement is that there is a genuine unknown factor in election 2016.  If Trump wins, there is little doubt that Clinton will concede. If Clinton wins, will Trump admit that he lost?

Observers note that Trump has not won contests of various sorts before throughout his career. He has gone bankrupt and has had failed business ventures, but he has not lost. Throughout this campaign, Trump has never acted with grace.  He never showed any dignity or decency towards his opponents; Hillary in the general election and earlier even towards his Republican opponents. This gives serious pause for many to seriously ponder what will be his response if he does not win.  This could certainly be true if the final votes are close but he might also respond unconventionally if he loses big. Challenges and law suits may just be the tip of the iceberg as Trump could end the campaign persisting to attack the system as fixed and rigged!

For Donald Trump’s followers—if he does not encourage them to accept the finality of the voting process—the election could just be the beginning of some type of citizen upraising; not exclusively a political movement. How it will manifest itself and what types of actions will occur in the streets, cities, and state capitals is indeed unknown. What is clear is that while some will despair and some will cry, many of the Trump army will want to continue the fight. What that means is not at all clear. In addition, no one knows how Trump himself will respond to their outcry. Will he walk away? Create a TV network of his own? Go back to business as usual; or will he lead them to the barricades? 

Meanwhile, it is only a matter of hours. 

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