“ALL GENERATIONS Gathering” will be held in Romania May 16-20 to commemorate 75 years since the deportation to Auschwitz of Jews from Sighet and Maramures.

Survivors and their descendants are welcome to take part in the Tarbut Foundation program, which will include tours, seminars, films, exhibitions, book launches, and concerts. Traditional kosher Shabbat meals will be offered as well as services with the small local Jewish community in Sighet’s only synagogue.

Before World War II, Maramures County was home to more than 40,000 Jews, mostly in Sighet, the region’s capital. Of the nearly 14,000 Jews deported from Sighet in May 1944, it is estimated that only several hundred survived.

Trip participant Dorit Tabak of West Orange said she will participate in the program as “a way to honor and commemorate my grandparents and my uncle, who were deported…in 1944.” She is anticipating visiting “the town my family lived and thrived in for several generations and connecting with others from this place.”

“This event has great significance for the world Jewry as well as for the local community perpetuating the Jewish local heritage for future generations,” said Tarbut Sighet Foundation founder and CEO Peninah Zilberman. To register, contact her at or 416-781-0330 or visit

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