All for one

All for one

I read with profound sorrow that our boys did not survive the kidnapping, but I also noted the silver lining that all Jews, whether they are Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform, or whether they walk or drive to shul, were united in prayer for the murdered teens. It just goes to show that the Jewish nation can be unified in a common goal, in this case the prayer for our boys.

For that two- to-three week period, the Jewish nation was not bickering about political agendas in Israel or how American Jewry can stop assimilation. It was all about our boys. They were considered precious stones, each and every one of them. The events surrounding the kidnapping and President Obama’s apathetic response also should be a wake-up call to all Jews that in the end all we have is ourselves and our brethren. While the world at large is more tolerant and respectful than it has ever been, the Jewish people, any denomination, is looked at in the same light.

The challenge for all of us is to put the petty disputes aside and focus on unifying for the greater good of Jews across the world. Do not be judgmental of someone who has different thoughts, beliefs, or
practices; rather accept and love each and every Jew because at the end of the day all we have is each other.

Gary Strong, Esq.

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