ADL disappointed in Christie’s veto of NJ voting legislation

ADL disappointed in Christie’s veto of NJ voting legislation

The Anti-Defamation League expressed disappointment in Governor Christie’s veto of “The Democracy Act,” calling it an “unnecessary barrier” to the ballot.

New Jersey currently ranks 39th in the country in both percentage of eligible voters who are registered and percentage of voters who actually cast a ballot. The state does not allow in-person early voting and requires citizens who want to cast an absentee ballot early to apply for one at an election official’s office. New Jersey also does not permit online voter registration, something that is allowed in 33 other states. The measure, which was passed in June by the legislature, would have guaranteed two weeks of in-person early voting, would have automatically registered New Jerseyans to vote when they got a driver’s license or state ID, and would have established a system of online voter registration.

“We are disappointed with Governor Christie’s veto of this important legislation, which would have made it easier to vote in New Jersey,” said Joshua Cohen, regional director for ADL’s New Jersey office. “People who are eligible to vote should not have to face unnecessary barriers.” He added, “It is critical for the health of our democracy that all eligible voters can make their voices heard.”

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