Actions are louder than words

Actions are louder than words

Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington gushing over his long-time friend Donald Trump. His long-time friend has never visited Israel. Netanyahu went on to say that President Trump is a friend of the Jewish people. If so he has an odd way of showing it.

In a statement commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day the White House issued a letter expressing their sympathy for various groups of people who suffered under the Third Reich. Missing from the list were the Jewish people who suffered the most. Individuals and organizations representing the whole spectrum of political thought from the Anti-Defamation League to the Republican Jewish Coalition expressed their dismay over the omission. One voice was silent:

Benjamin Netanyahu who brags that he is the voice of world Jewry was silent. He did break his silence to call his good friend and offer his support for the building of a wall on the Mexican border, offending a friendly country. It took an apologetic call from the president of Israel to his Mexican counterpart to avoid diplomatic fallout.

During a recent press briefing the president was asked by an ultra-Orthodox reporter, about the increase of anti-Semitic incidences since the Trump election and why he had not spoken out against the perpetrators. Instead of using the question to express his anger at those responsible, the president berated the reporter for asking the question.

It is time to judge Donald Trump not by his words or the fact that his daughter and grandchildren are Jewish, but by his actions.

Marvin Bograd
East Windsor

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