A tribute to Clara Gee

A tribute to Clara Gee

ARGUABLY THE MOST successful artist in the Temple Beth Miriam “Days of Awe Art Show” is Clara Gee Stamaty. An entire tribute wall is devoted to dozens of her pieces created over a career that has spanned more than seven decades. 

A member of the temple for nearly 65 years, she was a cartoonist for The New Yorker, Seventeen, The Ladies’ Home Journal, and numerous other major print periodicals. She also worked in varied media, including oils, drawings, and collage.

The tribute includes some of her New Yorker cartoons, collages, and a self-portrait in oils that was created in 1941,

As recently as two years ago, at the age of 96, she created a collage and mixed media piece that boldly asserts, “It’s the GUNS, Stupid!” a message that she said expressed her fighting spirit.

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