A strong America benefits Israel

A strong America benefits Israel

In Gabe Kahn’s “The scorecard on Trump and Israel: not there yet” (May 25), he noted in the opening paragraph that “…people tend to write letters to newspapers when they are upset, not when they’re in agreement…” This is my first letter to NJJN and I’d like to express my general agreement with Kahn’s Garden State of Mind (with a few minor quibbles, not worth going into here). 

However, I think there is one large omission: a strong America is key to a strong Israel. With foolish, self-serving policy decisions on the world stage and at home (the recent withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord being just one of many) and an abrasive, offensive manner of conducting affairs — not to mention the numerous ethical conflicts of interest within the First Family — the position of America, in just a few months, has been weakened on the world stage and is on a trajectory to be degraded much further.

Rabbi Menachem Genack of the Orthodox Union warned us during election season (his personal opinion, not the OU’s) of just such consequences and resultant impact on Israel. 

As such, while I generally agree with Kahn’s sentiments, I strongly disagree with the title selected for it. The score card on Trump and Israel is in. And it does not bode well for Israel.

David Goldfarb
Highland Park 

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