A question of symbolism

A question of symbolism

The debate, articles, and opinion pieces on the proposed building of a mosque at Ground Zero continue daily. Articulate evaluation and critique of this important subject was featured in an excellent op-ed by Israel Silverman (“Cordoba: Unholy symbol near sacred ground", Aug. 19) as well as numerous letters to the editor of NJ Jewish News.

The confusion at hand is an expression of symbolism rather than one of religious tolerance. When some in Israel suffer the gross inconvenience and loss of productivity during personal searches and accompanying loss of time [productivity] in public places, what comes to mind? It is surely the face of one Yasser Arafat and his legacy of hate-filled terrorism.

If God forbid, a Ground Zero mosque ever becomes a reality, it can only be a reminder of the loss of lives and the invasion of democracy rather than a fulfillment and celebration of religious freedom.

Alex Rose
Ashkelon, Israel

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