A perverted agenda

A perverted agenda

Abraham H. Foxman is morally correct in his statement on the Ground Zero mosque (“Speaking in defense of sensitivity, not bigotry,” Aug. 5). Those who willfully ignore the emotional trauma of everyone who survived 9/11 and dishonestly recast the issue as one of “religious freedom” when this proposed mosque could be built anywhere else in Manhattan are as perverted by a leftist political agenda as those who dishonestly recast supporters of Israel’s Gaza blockade as opponents of a two-state solution. Not surprisingly, J Street expresses both of these views.

It is a Jewish value to place the urgent discomfort of the few before the casual preferences of the many. To disregard the urgent discomfort of the many permanently scarred by 9/11 to accommodate a small group’s desire to get in their face and make a political statement is morally inverted to the point of absurdity. It is like the National Socialist Party march on Skokie, Ill., all over again on a larger scale and a permanent basis, and our public officials seem determined to repeat the same cowardly decisions based on the same obtuse reasoning and narcissistic progressivism.

Daniel Coben
East Brunswick

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