A pathetic record

A pathetic record

“Israel’s dangerous game of partisanship” by Gilbert Kahn (Oct. 30) whitewashes the failed leadership of President Obama. The article appears to be a purely political document aimed at the midterm elections. Why else would Kahn bring up the old reliable standby monsters by blaming Republicans, Israel itself, and the Tea Party for Obama’s pathetic foreign policy?

Let’s look at the foreign policy record of Obama:

• Obama is caving in to Iranian demands and reports indicate that he is willing to accept a nuclear Iran in return for vague promises of inspectors being allowed to inspect the Iranian nuclear sites.

• On Iraq, Obama pulled most U.S. forces out of the country leaving a huge vacuum now being filled by ISIS.

• In Syria, Obama talked tough against the Assad regime and drew a line in the sand, only to cower when the dictator crossed the line against using chemical weapons. The civil war in Syria has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and has created a refugee nightmare.

• In Egypt, when the Egyptian people and military finally overthrew the religious totalitarians of the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama tried to punish the new Egyptian leadership by withholding U.S. arms.

• During the August war in Gaza, a military action that Israel avoided for years while terrorist rockets rained down on it, Obama tried to intimidate Israel by not allowing U.S. airlines to fly into Ben-Gurion Airport for two days and halted an arms shipment to Israel.

We can go on and on about Obama’s efforts to undercut Israel. The problem with Obama is this: his true sympathies lie with the Muslim Brotherhood, and he is probably greatly disappointed that the Muslim world, instead of finding him to be a hero, mocks him and the U.S. on a daily basis.

Obama has done great damage to U.S. foreign policy. While nations still respect the American people, probably very few nations still take Obama seriously. The irony here is that Israel still takes him seriously, but President Obama is too foolish to realize that Israel is probably the only true friend he has left in the Middle East.

Mark Meyerowitz
Director, Republican Friends of Israel Inc.
West Orange

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