A message from the Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey: Take Action Today!

A message from the Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey: Take Action Today!

Contact your state representatives and legislative leaders.

The Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey cares about Israel. This is an urgent request for you to show that you care too.

There is a growing and well-orchestrated effort known as BDS, “Boycotts, Divestment, Sanctions.” Its purported goal is to destabilize Israel economically as a tactic to address the Israel-Palestinian conflict. For many of those behind the effort, it is intended to de-legitimize the very idea of a Jewish state. It also has begun moving Israel's battle to negotiate peace and security with her neighbors into state capitals and board rooms throughout the U.S.

This Monday, June 27, a vote is scheduled in the New Jersey state legislature to pass a bill prohibiting the state from investing pension/annuity funds in companies that boycott Israel or Israeli businesses. Please tell your elected officials you support Israel and request they vote in support of this bill.

This bill passed unanimously in the State Senate. It has the bipartisan sponsorship of more than half of the 80 members of the State Assembly. Nine other states have already passed similar legislation or are considering doing so.

However, a spirited dissent has begun, erroneously claiming that this legislation is in violation of First Amendment principles. This legislation is not about free speech or viewpoints, but fair business practices, which includes banning discrimination against Israel. A victory for the BDS movement in this situation will send the wrong message to Israel, its detractors, and the world.

We encourage members of our community who care about the state of Israel to learn more and take action before the vote this Monday, June 27. To learn more about the Jewish Federation in the Heart of NJ's position on Israel and why this bill and efforts to combat BDS are important, go to jewishheartnj.org/israel/take-action-today.

Amy Mallet
Executive Committee, government affairs
Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey 

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