A meaningful life lived

A meaningful life lived

I am writing to thank Steve Lipman for the moving article he wrote, “A Holocaust hero, but ‘Uncle Tibor’ to me” (Jan. 31). My doctor gave me the article, knowing that my father is Hungarian and lived through WWII, escaping after the 1956 revolution. I smiled at Lipman’s description of Baranski’s uncompromising dislike for communists and the Soviets, and his love for the U.S. (it is familiar!).

But most of all, I appreciated his tribute to a man who lived his life by uncompromising standards, and unhesitatingly behaved as a priest should and risked his life to save “his Jews.” It is rare and heartening to read about a man like this, and such stories are becoming rarer as members of his generation pass away. Thank you for lifting my heart, and I’m sure others, with this story of a man who lived a meaningful life with courage and love.

Winifred Gulyas
Darien, Conn.

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