“A Kindness a Day Calendar”

“A Kindness a Day Calendar”

AREYVUT, A NEW Jersey-based nonprofit that spearheads educational social action programs for youth, has released its 2019 “A Kindness a Day Calendar.”

First published in 2005, the desk calendar presents monthly themes and daily messages focusing on particular acts of kindness that can be accomplished by individuals of any age. Relevant Jewish texts are provided as spiritual resources.

Designed for use by parents, educators, and children and teens, the calendar “is a moral guide and a roadmap to help make the world a better place,” said Areyvut founder and director Daniel

The per calendar price ranges from $11.20 when up to five are purchased, to $7.60 when 100 or more are purchased. Go to areyvut.org/store or contact 201-244-6702 or info@areyvut.org.

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