A friend in Beck

A friend in Beck

This letter is regarding your “Beck’s rally” editorial in the June 23 edition.

I have been reading your editorials, and the Editor’s Column for a long time, and I always knew of your liberal leaning and grew to accept it. I also always assumed that your editorial policy was compassionate, decent, truthful, pro-Jewish, and pro-Israel.

But I never thought that your left-leaning ideology would lead you to this kind of an editorial.

It is hard for me to understand why you can’t get away from your left-leaning ideology and hatred to appreciate a good deed by a true friend of both Israel and the Jewish people.

I was especially disappointed that you lowered yourself to a level as low as most anti-Semites, as to repeat a smear from a Washington Post article to denigrate Glen Beck’s character.

I have been watching Glen Beck’s TV program for a while, and I do not believe he has a racist or anti-Semitic bone in his body.

You might not agree with Mr. Beck’s philosophy or his political ideology — that is your perfect right — but to imply by innuendo, as promoted by a lefty smear peddler like Dana Millbank, that somehow, by remote association, Mr. Beck is an anti-Semite or tolerates anti-Semitism is truly beyond the pale.

This kind of editorializing — or should I call it propagandizing by a paper that should appeal to the wide Jewish community — only diminishes your editorial credibility and that of NJJN.

Gad Janay
North Caldwell

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