A divider, not a uniter

A divider, not a uniter

In Gabe Kahn’s “In saving lives, another is honored: Second yahrtzeit of Ezra Schwartz inspires fund-raiser for ambucycle in Israel” (Nov. 16), he wrote “One of Judaism’s few unifying religious traditions is the recitation of the Mourner’s Kaddish.” 

To refer to “few unifying traditions” is very upsetting. Yes, there are divisions, but the Jewish people, regardless of denomination, share and rejoice in a complex tradition. It seems you have jumped on the “divide the Jewish people” bandwagon, which of late is an editorial imperative of NJJN. I don’t get it. That phrase was gratuitous. Did the tragic story of Ezra need to include this slant?

Susan Buckler

New York City

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