A critical issue

A critical issue

As a founding member of the Rachel Coalition, it was our privilege to be a cosponsor of the Rachel Coalition’s annual Women to Women Luncheon on Oct. 18 (“Program explores teen dating violence,” Oct. 27). This annual event is made possible through the generosity of the Rachel Coalition Florin Education Series Endowment Fund, established by Thelma and Richard Florin, which provides the resources to support this educational program each year.

This year’s keynote speakers helped raise awareness of the critical issue of teen dating violence. One in three teenagers experiences verbal or physical abuse from a dating partner. The issue is so pervasive that the New Jersey Department of Education now requires dating violence education in the state’s public high schools.

For nearly 20 years, NCJW, Essex County Section has recognized the seriousness of this issue and has been presenting a two-day Teen Dating Abuse (TDA) program to high school health classes to teach students how to recognize signs of abuse, how to end abusive relationships, and how to develop healthy dating relationships. Our program fulfills the new state requirement for dating violence education. We also offer a parent workshop for community groups.

To schedule a TDA presentation — free of charge — for your parent group or for your local high school, or to volunteer for the TDA program, call the NCJW office at 973-740-0588.

Jill Sorkin Johnson
Cathy Silverman
Executive Director
NCJW, Essex County Section

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