A crazy world

A crazy world

The entire world is obsessed with the two-state solution even though the Palestinians are doing everything not to solve this problem. Instead, their officials are circling the globe demonizing Israel and doing everything to skip negotiations. Nevertheless, everyone is blaming Israel and pushing her for concessions and threatening her with boycott and sanctions.

We know that concessions only increase the Arabs’ appetite and always work against Israel’s security, from the Oslo agreement, to the withdrawal from south Lebanon, and to the evacuation from the Gaza Strip, which brought thousands of Israelis killed in numerous terror attacks and the hail of rockets from Lebanon and Gaza.

Meanwhile, no one presses the PA for negotiations and to stop unilateral moves. The PA president, Mahmoud Abbas, whose term expired many years ago and is well known as a Holocaust denier, is  met by every world government as a celebrity, while Israel’s prime minister gets mostly a cold shoulder and is blamed for protecting his country and people. The only exceptions are the prime ministers  of Canada and Australia and few others. Even our president, who repeats many times his love for Israel, never skips a chance to blame Netanyahu for the settlements, which are the only source of jobs for the Palestinians.

Isn’t this a meshugene velt?

Gish Sorkin

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