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A conference of Jewish unity

A conference of Jewish unity

While it was not my first Policy Conference, I definitely felt more unity in this year’s. With its biggest turnout ever, it was very easy to get lost in the crowd or feel unimportant. The speakers and presenters, however, brought unity to our cause. They mentioned ideas and things that affect me or simple tasks I can do. They talked about policy, but standing up applauding with everyone made me feel important. I was in the same room as many of America’s most important leaders. I spoke to experts about important topics. I joined fellow Israel advocates to lobby for what is in the best interests of Israel and America. I was with my father, and also 45 members of my school (RKYHS), and I can affirm that we all were educated, informed, and inspired about Israel and what’s in its best interests. Not everyone will go on this amazing conference, but it has empowered me to educate people who will not go so people know the real facts. I enjoyed my trip and can’t wait to go again next year.

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